Gluten Free Stuffing

gluten free stuffing jpg

Yes we cheated and used the Gluten free stuffing mix from Trader Joes.  Although we added fresh vegetables and used the broth from the turkey!  It was delicious!

Gluten Free Bread (Trader Joes Stuffing Mix)
6 Tbls butter
3 ½ cup water or veggie broth
½ onion #2 cone
2 stick celery #4 cone
Nuts (optional)

Sauté the onions and celery with butter.  Mix 6 TBLS butter and water in a sauce pan until butter is melted on low.  Remove from heat and gently fold in the bread until all are moist and let sit for 10 minutes or until moisture is absorbed.


Wild Rice Stuffing-MP5

 1 1/2 cups chopped celery             
1 cup onion, #2 cone                                         
1 cups water
2 cups uncooked wild rice                                 
2 garlic cloves, #1 cone                                    
4  cups vegetable broth
1 1/2 tbsp chopped fresh sage                         
2 cup long-grain brown rice                            
1/2 cup dried sweet cherries
1/2 cup chopped dried apricots                     
 1/2 cup chopped pecans, #2 cone
1/2 tsp  salt and pepper                     

Combine celery, onion, wild rice, brown rice, garlic, veggie broth, water, and sage in MP-5.  Adjust setting to rice 2 cover and cook. When rice is done add in cherries and remaining ingredients and stir together.

This amazing dish is full of great healthy benefits!  Enjoy!