Fruit Salad~ Saladmaster Machine!

Simple and easy for Summer – use the Saladmaster machine for cuts.


½ Cantaloupe, # 3 Cone ½ Honey Dew, #3 Cone 2 Large Apples, #2 Cone
2 Pears, #2 Cone 1 cup strawberries 1 orange and Lemon #1 cone
1 Cup Favorite Nuts Drizzle of Agave

Shred the fruits using the Saladmaster machine and appropriate cone. Mix fruits and nuts in a bowl and enjoy.

Carrot CAKE-electric skillet or Large Skillet – Saladmaster

From The Saladmaster Basics Class: MaMa Pat does it again!


1 box Cake Mix Banana (or fruit)
3 eggs 1 squash, #1 cone Raisins, optional
Walnuts, optional

Pre-heat electric skillet to 275 degrees. Mix all ingredients. Once skillet is at desired temperature, spray with Pam and pour cake mix in. Cover and Bake for 25 minutes.

TRI TIP-7 qt Roaster – Saladmaster


From our Saladmaster Basics Class: This is a simple easy recipe designed to show you how to cook a roast on top the stove in Saladmaster.

Tri Tip Carrots, quartered Potatoes, quartered

Preheat a 7qt roaster on medium. Do water test and when ready drop in the tri tip. Sear on one side for 5 minutes and flip. Add carrots and potatoes and cook on medium-click-low.